Over the past 5 years, through the generous donations of our members, the Platteview Booster Club contributed $110,000 toward athletics & activities.

Wish List Contributions

All activities treatment table                                      

Cheer uniforms                                                       

Football endzone camera                                         

One Act 2 portable partitions & 3 platforms           

Sports & Conditioning jump mat, t-shirts                  

Musical costumes and props                                    

Soccer goals, field cones, ball girl jerseys, jackets, pinnies & coach parkas

Wrestling pull-up bars, resistance bands, bulgarian bags & medicine balls 

TOTAL: $19,000


Cheer-track suits 

Baseball pitching machine

Basketball iPad

Cross Country tent

Dance choreography, pom pons & ankle weights

Musical costumes and props

Soccer tent, bags and goalie uniforms

Softball outfield fence, nail drag & infield drag mat

Volleyball net system

TOTAL: $24,895


Multi-sports- HUDL assist 

Multi-sports front gym camera 

Baseball cage netting

Basketball Dr. Dish basketball shooter

Golf (2) voice caddie portable launch monitors

Weight Room software 

Soccer backpacks and team jackets 

Softball scoreboard

Track (8) new starting blocks

Volleyball (4) portable VB carts 

TOTAL: $22,440



Multi-sports HUDL renewal

Athletics NE Coaches Fall Clinic 

Weight Room summer program t-shirts

Broadcast club video system for gym and Football field

Track pole vault mat

Wrestling record boards

Soccer backpacks and shorts

Band portable speaker system

Baseball team jackets for varsity/dugout windscreen

Student Council Teacher/Student of Month Awards

Trojans in College Hall of Fame Board

One Act travel expenses/costumes/set pieces

Junior Class prom-Krispy Crème fundraiser

TOTAL: $25,455



Football guardian caps (50)

Wrestling mat 

Weight room summer conditioning shirts

One Act drama travel 

Track 4 long jump covers

Volleyball vertical cage

Spanish club concert

Coaches clinics

HUDL subscription

Athletic Team Boards (14)

Baseball mound tarp

Home plate tarp

Back stop pads

Writing Club

All School portable sound system

TOTAL: $22,610